About Us

Superlative Code is a web app development company and consultant. We develop amazing applications for the web and mobile devices. We can help you achieve your goals by building something amazing.

Superlative Code is a fairly small and new company founded by Peter DeMartini. In case you're curious on the meaning of Superlative, it means "Of the highest quality or degree."  Peter DeMartini and the people behind Superlative Code, live and breathe technology. Saying we are passionate about what we do, would be a understatement. Our goal as a business is to extend our reach to as many people as possible through the applications we create.

We blog and update our site as much as we have time for, so check back soon!


We are located in Phoenix, Arizona. This company is built on passion, dedication, and talent. We get the job done on time, with style, while keeping full functionality.

Need a job done that isn't listed in our skills? No problem. We love to learn and do so quickly. If you have any questions at all, contact us. Expect a response in less than a day.

Email us at [email protected]