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Web Apps

Web Application Development

We build Web Applications using Microservices, and independentantly scalable components.

Building web solutions is our everyday job. We take what your company needs, and turn it into practical applications using the latest technologies. Since we have a variety of skills and experience, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle challenging applications.


Need your site fully managed? We are the people to go to. We have staff that are talented at setting up and managing servers. We recommend hosting from Linode, Digital Ocean, Heroku, AWS, or Rackspace, using these service providers we can create scalable applications that fit within a budget.

We can set up automatic deployment and backup solutions to ensure redunacy.


PHP Application Development

Mobile can be a big advantage for any company. Luckily we love to build Mobile Apps for both Android and iOS.


Need advice? We can tell you what we know works best and what doesn't. Whether it is advice, a cup of coffee, or our services, contact us and we can meet up.

With all the technologies available today, it is hard to keep up with it all. Luckily, it is our job and we can help you plan and bring your product to life.

Our Products


We built an easy way to build beautiful resumés. Get hired and get noticed with Gitto. Gitto puts all of your Github projects, and employment information into one place. We also offer a ton of features for creating amazing things. The Gitto app is built on the MEAN stack (Mongoose Express Angular N…

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We're a small company and are passionate about our website, but don't have in-house web development expertise. Superlative Code is our resource for anything and everything website-related, from full website redesigns to large integration projects. Our questions are always met with very patient and timely responses. In short, we're thrilled with the quality of work and customer support from Superlative Code. We look forward to being a customer for many years to come!

- Lara Cardy - B-Bridge International
Peter and his company Superlative Code have been a pleasure to work with. He’s always said that he “can basically do anything you want,” and he has definitely proved that. His work is professional quality and he gets it done on schedule. He’s currently helping us redesign our entire website which is a huge project. I’m confident that when the website is finished, it will be one of, if not the best website in our industry. I would highly recommend Superlative Code to anyone looking for custom website design or CRM systems.

- Vicky DeMartini - DeMartini RV Sales
Superlative code does great work, They have a quick response time if any issues arise. I have been with them since starting my website and I plan on continuing to stay with them.

- Jim Greco - House of Hammers
As a designer the alignment of every pixel is very important to me. When I hand off my designs to Superlative Code for interactive implementation they pay attention to every detail and ensure the final product reflects the design precisely. On top of this the attitude of the programmers is 'whatever you can think of we can create it' which allows me great freedom and envisioning new ways to use interactive design.

- Scott Nice
I have had a great experience working with Superlative Code. I’m an artist and I have pretty definite ideas about the way I want my site to look. Peter DeMartini has done a great job of accommodating my tweaks and ideas for changes as we put the site together. He was able to get it to look and function exactly as I hoped it would. I highly recommend Superlative Code and will happily work with them in the future.

- Anne Davey

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