House of Hammers

House of Hammers is a popular video content site owned by the famous Jim Greco. His talent extends past skateboarding and into the business world. With the help of Scott Nice and John Lytle. We created this site from scratch with CodeIgniter. Managing custom content and videos. In the background, we have a Node.js application that is pulling in videos from across the web, including Youtube. Jim Greco's goal was to create something that is used every day skateboarders across the world.

B-Bridge International Inc

Using CodeIgniter, we created an e-commerce like application for selling biotechnology products. The challenge for this project was creating something that is fast, maintainable, and user-friendly. We achieved all of these aspects by using the latest technologies, and creating different modules that drive the application. By creating a custom admin panel, we have the ability to manage all modules safely and easily.